Do you want your wood floors to be brought to a state of smart perfection with no rubbish, dust, smell, and the general grief of usual floor sanding?

6point-copyOur unique six point guarantee means if you are not happy with your floor we will not charge you anything, not a penny!


floor2The Best Floor Sanding Companys floor sanding process has evolved and been developed over fifteen years by its founder to craft a perfectly finished floor.



floor3We leave no damage or dirt, no nasty solvent smell, just amazing wood floors as a foundation for your home’s interior layout, – a beautiful backdrop for your furniture and belongings.

Let us achieve this for you; we work without fuss, to restore your floors back to the condition they should be in less time than you think.


floor4We use the most modern equipment – some developed especially for “The Best Floor Sanding Company“. They are only used by our fully qualified, trained, and tested staff, who are focused on the job – your job!
Floor sanding can be one of those jobs where a lot of people think they can ‘have a go’.



floor5In our experience, – and after a lot of cleaning up after badly sanded floors – we have noticed a common theme. Craftsmen who work in other areas of building and renovation who are keen to expand their skills by sanding floors – your floors. However carpenters or decorators “having a go” cannot hope to achieve results that are acceptable let alone to the standard of the The Best Floor Sanding Company’. Let us achieve this for you.

How can we do this?

floor6We have a deeply professional work and service culture within our company and the service we provide is the best in the industry, our position as The Best Floor Sanding Company depends on happy customers who are so pleased with the job they will recommend us to their friends. We always focus on a good service, and for our customers to have their expectations exceeded.


floor7Remember the bottom line is you will be happy with our service and “over the moon” with your beautiful newly sanded wooden floor.

When it comes to “the bottom line” wooden floors form the basis for everything else in your home, don’t gamble on getting a good job done.


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